With a new wedding blog coming online every day, the market is becoming seriously saturated. So, to help you in your quest to find top quality wedding content, we thought we’d create a list of ten of our favourite wedding blogs – a tough list to cut down with so many creative options available!

As a means of promoting Aussie content we’ve made sure that the list is evenly split between local and international sites, but no matter the nationality, each and every one of the 10 blogs on this list is sure to offer you a wealth of inspiring wedding ideas.

1. Ruffled [International]


Like most of the best wedding blogs, Ruffled is a very visual site. Featuring gorgeous photography from an eclectic range of real life weddings from around the world, this site is a great source of wedding theme inspiration.

Point of Difference: Flower Guide Resource

2. Style Me Pretty [Australia & International]



While not exactly Australian, Style Me Pretty features a lot of beautiful Australian content. Here, the wedding shoots dominate, but once you dig beneath the surface you can find a host of useful content that goes beyond inspirational photography.

Point of Difference: Wedding DIY

3. Wedding Chicks [International]



A beautifully laid out blog with heaps of useful wedding tips for brides. Not the most groom friendly site on the list, but with a name like Wedding Chicks, you couldn’t exactly accuse them of false advertising!

Point of Difference: Free Printables

4. Rock ‘N’ Roll Bride [International]



For couples looking for something a little different, this is the wedding blog for you. We love this one, it’s so fun and outlandish, and full of colourful characters going against the grain and throwing fabulous weddings inspired by a range of counter cultures.

Point of Difference: The Green Room

5. Rustic Wedding Chic [International]



Unlike the majority of blogs on this list, Rustic Wedding Chic, is highly specialised. Yep, you guessed it, this site specialises in rustic and country themed weddings. So if you’re not interested in these themes, don’t bother with this one. But if you are, welcome to your new favourite site.

Point of Difference: Rustic Wedding Ideas

6. Polka Dot Bride [Australia]



One of Australia’s most popular wedding blogs, Polka Dot Bride, is a one-stop-shop for all things wedding inspiration. From DIY projects to its dedicated groom section, this is a must use resource for all Aussie couples planning to tie the knot (and we’re not just saying that because they feature our DIY floral chair garland in their “Made” section)!

Point of Difference: Groom Blog

7. Nouba [Australia]


A highly personal and intimate wedding blog that allows the reader to feel a part of featured weddings. Here the bride and groom really let the reader in, and some of the photography is truly exceptional.

Point of Difference: Planning Resource

8. Green Wedding Shoes [International]


Of all the sites on this list, Green Wedding Shoes, is in our opinion, one of the easiest to navigate. Unlike most of the others, which feature long, seemingly never ending scrolls, this beautifully laid out site is appropriately segmented, and a joy to browse. The content’s not bad either.

Point of Difference: Honeymoon Secrets

9. Hello May [Australia]



This one is the online arm of Hello May magazine. So for those of you who prefer the tangible nature of print, you can pick this one up in physical form. This blog has a whole bunch of great content for brides and grooms alike, and we here at Koch especially enjoy the retro photos featured under the ‘Hey Day’ section.

Point of Difference: Hey Day

10. White Magazine [Australia]



Like Green Wedding Shoes, White Magazine, is exceptionally user friendly, and well laid out. And like Hello May, these guys also publish a beautifully presented hard copy magazine. Featuring a great wedding directory chock full of Australia’s premier wedding professionals this is a must read for all Aussie brides.

Source: https://www.koch.com.au/blog/10-must-read-wedding-blogs

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