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Office Moral Officers

It’s a hard job but someone (or two someone’s) have to do it so we have stepped up to the plate. We are great at keeping everyone happy but maybe not the best at encouraging productivity!

Our names are Betty (tanned colour) and Finn (black colour). Drop by and meet us when you arrange an appointment via contact us form above or email Olivia directly below as we are dogs and can’t check our emails.

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Olivia Locke

Olivia Locke is the owner and principal wedding planner at OliviaKateLocke.

Note from Olivia: I’m learning each day & perfecting the art of combining creativity/ business acumen to improve my clients weddings …. all while keeping a cheeky smile on a face & having as much fun as possible 😛😜😝

Career advertising and sales professional, I spent the first part of my career in media and then moved into advertising brand management, customer service/ sales. Now I am challenging myself with Wedding Planning. The change has challenged me & expanded my views in general, while allowed me to use my skills on a wide variety of tasks and benefit my clients.

I love working directly with people, be it clients, customers, working in a team or managing a team. This is what lead me into Management in previous roles. Throughout my career I have learnt that every interaction is different and provides new challenges & I learnt so much from every interaction each day that I use going forward in work & life.

Drop me a note via the contact us form above if you need help with your wedding plan or just need advice. Or your welcome to email me directly on